Travarbo farmshop with the meat of wild boar, deer & elk


Travarbo Gårdsbutik & Vilt are driven by Michaela & Larserik Larsson since July 2013. Who is established at our own farm.
The farm has an EU-approved game handling establishment where we inspects and refines game that we purchase from local hunters. We also have a farm shop where we sell game meat and sausages made from our own meat.

We have two kinds of barbecue sausages exclusively of wild boar meat. “Falusausage” wich are made of wild boar meat and 10% of roedeere meat. Sandwich-spread sausage made from only deere-meat. We also have our own smoke where we smoke wild game such elk, deere, roedeere, beaver and wild boar.

Our products have high meat content and are of very high quality and are made of only local shot game.

The uniqueness of Västmanland is that there are many local food-entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and very skilld, many of them are members of the association “Smaka på Västmanland”